LoveSpeak: A 90-Day Walk In 1 Corinthians 13 Jo Orlando Cotter

LoveSpeak: A 90-Day Walk in 1 Corinthians 13
by Jo Orlando Cotter
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BISAC: Religion / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth
Love is patient. Love is kind.
Familiar enough words to almost everyone. Still, as much as we think we know about Walking in Love – and as much as we might say we are doing just that - Love says, “There is more." Her Invitation comes as a Challenge, and a Promise.
The Challenge: Spend 90 Days in 1 Corinthians 13. Don't worry if there are breaks or pauses along the way, just commit to a full 90 days, and if you do,
The Promise: You will be changed.
LoveSpeak takes you through the 90-day journey, with personal revelations from Love, and opportunity to document your own notes and thoughts.
As we journey together through 1 Corinthians 13:
• Watch for Love to work in your life.
• Expect Love to speak to you in the areas of your need.
• Look for Love to change you.
• Anticipate real and unexpected feedback from folks around you, acknowledging that there is something different about you. Something new.
• Look for Love to speak to you.
• Look for Love to change your outlook on yourself, on others, perhaps even on beliefs that you have held sacrosanct, but that She may now want to enlarge or adjust.
• Allow Love to change you, as she is changing me, one degree at a time.
Today, as you step into this study, realize that you are stepping into the Kingdom of Love. Love is eternal; all that you do in, and through, and empowered by Love will follow you, not only through this life, but through the Age to come.
Give Love her full work in your life. Allow Love to bring you to those places in the Spirit realm you have not yet experienced. Let Love lead. Let Love Speak.







































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